The validity period of the SSL / TLS certificates is reduced


The Certificate Authority Browser Forum, also known as CA/Browser Forum, is a voluntary consortium of Certificate Authorities such as Symantec, Digicert, Comodo, and tech Operating System makers such as Apple, Mozilla, Microsoft, etc.. decide the fate of security on the internet.

The CA/Browser Forum purpose is to be proactive, and keep the internet secure for users and businesses all over the world.

The CA/Browser Forum passed Ballot 193 and that effect all Certificate Authorities and those who manage SSL / TLS Certificates. This reduce the length of time that authenticate information can be re-used to authenticate subsequent certificate, from 39 months (3 years 2 months) to 27 months (825 days / 2 years). Renewal and Replacement certificates will be subject to this change.

Effective from March 1, 2018 maximum validity period of SSL/TLS Certificate will be 27 months (825 days). Eventually there will be no more three year option. No certificate after this date can have a validity passed 27 months.