Clearing House KIBS AD Skopje (KIBS) is a payment system operator for the settlement of small interbank payments and the first governmentally recognized Certification Authority (CA) in the Republic of Macedonia.

The activity of Trusted Service Provider (TSP) KIBS started in 2002, and today it runs through the KIBStrust brand. Services in the field of digital trust are used by individuals and legal entities, public administration, financial sector and Government.

Our experienced team of PKI and strong authentication specialists, collaborates with many significant European and global companies, our partners. In this way, the best world practice is applied in KIBS for both: upgrading existing products and services, as well as setting up new ones.

The Certification Authority KIBS belongs to the international network of trusted hierarchy of the worldwide trusted certificate authority, Symantec. KIBS is conducting its activities related to public key infrastructure (PKI) in accordance with the law and by-laws adopted in the Republic of Macedonia. KIBS, also, adapts its operation to the requirements of the European Regulation, but also follows the recommendations of the CA/B forum.

KIBS is certified according to the ISO 9001, 20000-1, 22301, 27001 standards, which confirms the quality of the trusted service provider.

Unique in Macedonia

Certificate Authority (CA) whose certificate for electronic signature and certificate for electronic seal are accepted in all operating systems and browsers.

Unique in Macedonia

Trusted Timestamp Authority (TSA) whose certificate is root signed by a Certification Authority that is part of the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) program. Certificate Authorities and Trusted Service Providers represented on the AATL list issue digital certificates and provide time stamp services based on world’s most stringent legal and regulatory requirements for signing documents, such as the EU eIDAS Regulation.

Trust as a driver of digital transformation

Trust is the foundation on which relations and relationships in the business world are being built. Let's put together this foundation in the digital transformation of the activities.



    Preparations for establishing Certificate Authority

    KIBS is exploring the possibility for setting up activity of Certificate Authority (CA). At end of the year establishes partnership with Certificate Authority GlobalSign (Be).


    Ready to operate

    KIBS is ready to operate as a Certificate Authority and publishes it on December 1, 2003.


    Registration as CA

    With the decision of the Minister of Finance from June 26, 2006, KIBS is the first Certificate Authority recognized by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.


    Partnership with VeriSign

    Established partnerships with VeriSign as world recognized CA through its ADACOM (Gr) subsidiary, but also with other companies of significance for digital trust, such as Gemalto (Fr) and OpenTrust (Fr).


    New platform for issuing personal certificates

    With the joint activities of ADACOM (Gr) subsidiary of VerySign (USA) and OpenTrust (Fr), on May 5,2010 KIBS start to operate a new PKI platform with completely changed way how Certificate Authority operates. New platform provides a secure system for issuing of personal digital certificates on spots inside and outside KIBS premises.


    Start of operation of first Local Registration Authority

    Sparkasse Bank Macedonia becomes the first Local Registration Authority of Certificate Authority KIBS.


    Trusted Timestamp Authority

    Since May 2012, KIBS has been recognized as a Trusted Timestamping Authority (TSA). KIBS certificate was root signed by a universally recognized CA, Keynectis (Fr), and that makes KIBS’s timestamp certificates worldwide trusted.


    Electronic Registered Delivery Service

    In cooperation with OpenTrust (Fr), KIBS implemented and starts operating Electronic Registered Delivery Service. Delivery model is SaaS.

Meet our Team


Marin Piperkoski

CIO Advisor

Katerina Jovanovic

Head of unit

Marina Petkovska


Kristina Radomirovic


Krste Mitevski


Eleonora Gjurchinovska


Magdalena Gjorgjevic